DIY: Turn Your Bucket Into A Drum Kit
Bucket Drumming 101
DIY: Padded Drum Sticks
DIY: Homemade Mute Pads 
DIY: Tupperware Marching Drums

History Of Percussion (contributed by Maggie)


Volume can be a concern, so besides inventing a padded drumstick and a type of mute pad for the bucket playing surface, We have recently had success using this quiet but durable stick: Regal Tip Blasticks.


It’s wise to invest in some ear protection for your young musician. We recommend Mack’s Pillowsoft Ear Plugs For Kids.


Drumset for Preschoolers

Written for parents/teachers of 2-6 year-olds and utilizes a color coding music notation system commonly seen in music video games. The book is organized in three skill levels giving the teacher or parent flexibility to decide which level best fits their child’s abilities. Parents who don’t even play drums will find this book easy to use as it covers everything you need to know to get your child drumming and having fun.


Author Andy Ziker bases his unique new beginning method on his many years of playing and teaching experience. He covers these topics in detail: how to practice; drumset vocabulary; techniques for hands and feet; sticking options; reading, writing & playing rhythms; beginning patterns; rock beats & fills; and much more. The two accompanying CDs let students hear all of the examples. They are playable on any CD player, and also enhanced so Mac & PC users can adjust the recordings to any tempo without changing the pitch, perfect for learning!

Tupperware Drums/Plastic Cups

The Bucketeers also use other household items as percussion instruments in these classes. Tupperware drums allow marching and four-limb coordination, and plastic cups — popularized by the Anna Kendrick hit song “When I’m Gone” from the movie Pitch Perfect — are a fun and extremely accessible instrument.

Fruit Shakers

We use these safe, durable, great-sounding shakers as one of our percussion implements.